About our Sponsor

Pellergy LLC designs and manufactures wood-pellet central heating systems, and as a wood-pellet solutions company, Pellergy is also committed to providing consumers with all the tools they need to make informed decisions about heating with less expensive, environmentally responsible wood pellets.

Pellergy trains local home-heating companies’ technicians to install wood-pellet central heating systems.  Because there is very little standardization in today’s wood-pellet home-heating world, installers are trained to meet customers’ frequent need for a custom or semi-custom design.  When you switch to a wood-pellet central heating system, Pellergy and their certified installer will help you navigate the bulk-pellet market dealers, delivery and pricing.

Pellergy has sponsored this website to link consumers with local installers, service companies and bulk-pellet retailers—everything you need to transition to heating your home with this cost-saving, Earth-friendly fuel.