Fully Automated Wood Pellet System

From truck to hopper to furnace, wood-pellet central heating systems are hands-free.

wood pellet slider truck
Wood-pellet heating! It’s clean-burning; it uses locally sourced, renewable, environmentally friendly fuel; it works using proven, familiar combustion principles; and by switching to wood pellets you’ll dramatically lower your fuel costs (expect to pay up to 25% less each year burning wood pellets than you’d pay to heat your house with oil).

But when you think of wood pellet heating, you probably think small—warming a room by hauling in 40-pound plastic bags, tearing the bags open, and feeding pellets into a stove. You’re not picturing pellets providing whole-house heat, with “set the thermostat and you’re done” convenience.

But, in fact, you can have it all with a wood-pellet system—fuel-cost savings, thermostatically controlled central heat, and the knowledge that you’re burning a fuel that’s easy on the Earth. You don’t even need to replace your furnace or boiler.  Simply have your old oil burner removed from your furnace/boiler and a wood-pellet burner set in its place.

Having a thermostatically controlled system is not just a matter of convenience for you, it’s a wise financial move. Of course, there’s your annual fuel-cost savings. Also, should you ever decide to refinance or put your house on the market, buyers, banks and insurance and mortgage companies will find your state-of-the-art wood-pellet central heating system impressive.

To hold the pellets that will feed automatically into your new wood-pellet burner, you can choose to install a storage bin which can hold enough wood pellets to keep your home heated for a month or more.  A local wood-pellet supplier will deliver the pellets by truck and a flexible pneumatic hose on the truck will supply the wood pellets through a 4-inch connection on the exterior of your house into the storage hopper.  The system is constantly monitoring the indoor, outdoor, and boiler temperatures and feeding pellets to the burner (as needed) through a flexible auger.

And that’s it!  You have wood pellet central heating without lifting a finger. All the maintenance is done through regular visits—as with an oil system.

Wood-pellet central heating has been successfully saving costs and the environment in Europe for over two decades and has begun to make inroads in North America over the past four to five years.  The new American-made pellet systems are tested, proven, UL approved, and qualify for special low-rate energy upgrade financing.  This emerging industry supports U.S. jobs in many fields: forest management, logging, equipment and pellet manufacturing, pellet retailing and delivery, and equipment installation and maintenance.  You can find out more from a certified installer.

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