Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Pellergy wood pellet home heating system work on my direct vent boiler?
No, not yet, but we are working on it so please check back again!  For now the wood pellet furnace or boiler must be chimney vented with a minimum -0.03 Inches H2O draft

Is a Pellergy wood pellet central heating system right for my manufactured home/trailer or small house?
No. With a minimum input heating value of 100,000 btu/hr; the system produces too much heat for these units.

What size furnace or boiler works best?
A 4-section boiler with Minimum of 100,000 btu/hr input rating and a firebox with a minimum of 12 inches of depth that is
currently fired on oil or wood work best. Pellergy recommends Burnham MPO series of boilers for new hydronic heat installations and a Burnham MST for steam heat installations.

I have a warm air furnace. Will this work?
Maybe!  The combustion chambers in most warm air furnaces are not a good fit for Pellergy systems; however, we have successfully converted a few.  Contact us with the details of your furnace and we will be able to better answer this question for you.

How much space is required for the system?
The 550 LBS pellet bin has a footprint of 4FT X 2FT and stands 4FT high. This bin must be located within 10FT of the Pellergy burner which will mount to the front of your boiler.

What kind of new controls are needed?
None. Pellergy comes with its own control panel. The system works with ALL of the existing safety controls of your present system.

How does a Pellergy wood pellet home heating system provide heat?
When your thermostat calls for heat, the Pellergy unit goes into auto-ignition mode just as your oil furnace does. The Pellergy ignition cycle takes about 2 minutes to achieve maximum heat production. Once the thermostat temperature setting is satisfied, the Pellergy unit shuts down and goes into standby mode until the next call for heat.

How are the heating values set?
Basically, the heat load is set by current boiler rating and the heat load requirement of your home. Wood pellets fed to the system are weighed when the system is installed to insure the right amount of fuel is delivered to the chamber to achieve the system’s target BTU range.

How much does the system cost?
Those who have made the switch from oil to wood pellets have experienced up to a 25% reduction in home heating cost savings every year.  The Pellergy wood pellet central heating system’s MSRP is $4,995. The system includes: pellet gun, day bin, controls, auger, and custom door for mounting the unit to your boiler.  Labor for installation varies slightly, but is usually around $1,000.  Additions to this base price can include a new boiler or furnace, a wood pellet bulk bin and an automated bulk wood pellet auger system.

Can I install my own wood pellet home heating system?
No. Unfortunately a home owner cannot install his/her own Pellergy system. It must be installed by a Factory Trained Certified System Installer.  If you are interested in a Pellergy system contact us and contact your home heating provider.  Pellergy will work with qualified home heating professionals, instructing them how to install and maintain our systems and will distribute through them.

Does the Pellergy System qualify for any tax credits?
Yes! The Pellergy PB-3550 qualifies for the $1500 tax credit; however, this is set to expire on 31 DEC 2010.   Please contact your professional tax advisor to be sure you qualify for the tax credit.

What requirements are there to become an installer?
A background in hydronic heating systems, boiler repair and oil burner setup is required. In the State of Vermont we require a NORA Silver certificate for home heating professionals. In other states, both an oil and solid fuel certificate are required. Pellergy Certified Installers 
must have up to date combustion analysis equipment to set up the wood pellet burners and be customer service oriented.

Where are Pellergy systems manufactured?
Pellergy is about 90% manufactured in right here in the State of Vermont and fully assembled in Barre, Vermont. Several specialty parts (electronics) are sourced from other locations in the US.

How do I get a certified installer to look at my system?
You can send a request for a site visit through the Pellergy web site. Your request will be directed to an installer in your area.

How does a Pellergy wood pellet burner mate to my boiler?
Pellergy will, as required, provide custom interface plates to appropriate boilers. In many cases Pellergy actually provides a complete second door. This allows us to remove your current door with the oil gun in place. This gives the Pellergy owner the convenient option to switch back and forth between oil heat and pellet heat as the owner wishes.

My boiler has a swing out door. Will that change?
No. Pellergy’s custom interface plates will not change the way your boiler door works.

How will I know how much pellet fuel to purchase?
As an estimate, 1 ton of premium pellets is about equal to 120 gallons of #2 heating oil (125 gallons per ton of Super Premium wood pellets).

As a home owner, what does a Pellergy wood pellet system require me to do in normal operations?

Generally, a home owner only has to do simple weekly maintenance that takes less than 20 minutes to dump ashes out of the burn chamber and refill the day bin.  With our automatic burn chamber cleanout option this weekly maintenance can be extended to once every two to three weeks depending on the quality of wood pellets being used.

I now clean my boiler once a year.  Is this the same for a Pellergy wood pellet home heating system?
Typically, a Pellergy wood pellet system needs to have the boiler professionally cleaned about every 3 – 4 tons of pellet fuel burned. This is dependent on the type and size of boiler as well as by the amount of fly ash created by the combustion of the pellet fuel. In general, your system will need more frequent cleaning when burning pellets.  This is a service provided by your Certified Installer.

I want to go away for a month in the Winter. Can I go back to oil heat?
Yes.  Changing between fuel/burner types typically takes less than one hour.   Just call your Pellergy service provider and schedule an appointment.

Are Pellergy systems tested to UL and ASTM safety standards?
Yes. The Pellergy Pellet Replacement Burner for steam boilers and hot water boilers with existing oil burners was found to comply with the intent of test standards: UL 391, ETLM 78-1, CAN/CSA-B 366.1; ASTM E-1509, standards for Solid Fuel Fired Central Furnaces (Boilers). The system has been tested to these standards and is listed by an independent, third party testing laboratory.

Will a bank recognize a Pellergy wood pellet home heating system as a source of heat?
Yes. Most banks will recognize a Pellergy wood pellet central heating system as a primary source of heat. Pellergy systems meet current requirements for a thermostatically controlled, automated central heating system.

Who do I contact to purchase a Pellergy System?
Please fill out our contact form and we will link you to your nearest Certified Installer or work to get your current home heating professional trained in the installation of our systems.

How do I become a Pellergy Certified Installer?
You must meet some minimum criteria: For starters, you must currently hold a technician license to work on oil and solid fuels heating units in your State, County or City.  You then have to be trained by Pellergy.  Please contact us through the Installers link on our web site: