Wood Pellet Heating—Pricing and How to Estimate Your Savings

Wood pellets: Fuel-cost-cutting, stably priced, and reliably available.

Every homeowner who heats with oil knows what it’s like to reel with energy shock—to be a helpless hostage to home heating oil’s notorious price volatility.

All the while, wood pellet home heating users relax with stable and lower energy costs.

Over the past decade wood pellet pricing has remained relatively stable in comparison to oil pricing in the same time period. Oil has seen both dramatic price fluctuations and overall increases that are over double those for wood pellets. As illustrated in the graph below, oil and propane have seen a 226% and 209% rise in cost (respectively) in the past eleven years of price tracking. In the same time period, wood pellets have seen an 89% increase in price, not only drastically lower than the increases for petroleum based heating fuel, but also more stable over time (as illustrated in the gentle rise of the pellet price line below).

Wood Pellet heating cost comparison

Fuel cost comparison

In addition to remaining more stable over time, wood pellet heating prices have been consistently lower than heating oil. Those who have made the switch from oil to wood pellets have experienced up to a 25% reduction in home heating cost savings every year. This translates into faster payback for the customer choosing wood pellet heating as an alternative fuel source.

How to Estimate Your Savings
There are many online resources for estimating your fuel cost savings. One such example is available at the Pellet Fuels Institute web site.  The graph below illustrates a calculated the fuel-cost savings you will could enjoy if you switch from oil to wood-pellet heat.

Wood pellet cost savings chart

As illustrated in the above graph, the cost savings is immediate.

And, did we mention the carbon savings?
Wood pellets as a fuel saves you money, but burning them is also the environmentally responsible choice.  As a carbon neutral product wood pellets  burn clean and saves green. To find out what your carbon savings will be with pellets click…(to the carbon calculator).

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