The Easy Life

A wood-pellet heating system requires very little maintenance. Do it yourself, or don’t bother—let your service company do the work.

Just like your oil-fired heating system, your new wood-pellet central heating system requires periodic maintenance.  Unlike oil, though, wood pellets create ash when they are burned, so a wood pellet heating system requires more frequent maintenance.  You can do it yourself, or you can choose to have a standard, monthly cleanout as part of your automated pellet-delivery package.

For homeowners that prefer a hands-on approach, the process takes about 5-minutes and doesn’t require any special skills or tools.  For those who are more hands-off, a Certified Installer will offer you a service contract to perform the periodic maintenance the system requires.

Pellet Quality Matters

Quality in wood pellets varies based upon the grade of fuel you choose as well as the manufacturing process the pellet mill uses to refine their wood feed stock.  The quality of the wood pellet has a direct effect on the amount of ash produced.

The Pellet Fuels Institute [] maintains the North American Standard for wood pellet fuel incorporating a grading system of Super Premium, Premium, Standard and Utility for wood pellets.  The retail market focuses on Premium and Super Premium pellets, and the primary difference between the two is ash content.  Super Premium pellets contain 0.5% while Premium pellets contain 1.0% or twice the amount of ash content.

Your certified installer and service contractor can walk you through all the details.

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