I have really enjoyed my experience in transferring from oil to the Pellergy pellet system to heat my home.  I had a number of objectives to meet, primarily reducing the overall cost of heating my home.  I also find the idea of using a locally available renewable resource attractive.

We had recently purchased our house in Montpelier and we had a child on the way.  We had purchased our house at what was really at our upper limit in terms of price and I was very concerned about being able to heat our home.  We had kept the thermostat pretty low the previous year and still spent what I believed to be a ridicules amount of money on oil.  I had not even been one of the poor folks that had locked in at almost $5.00/gallon!

That’s when I had found out about the availability of the Pellergy system.  We bought one of the first systems available.  I did have a few reservations about buying a design as new as the Pellergy system for something as important as my home’s primary heating source but was convinced that between Pellergy support and the ease to convert back to oil should something happen, that the risk was low.

Overall we have been extremely pleased.  We have been successful in lowering our heating bill and the system has been reliable.  The system does require more routine maintenance which some people may not like.  For myself, an engineer, I have not minded the weekly cleanings or coming up with better ways to store and handle the amount of wood pellets I have burnt.  A huge help, and I think the way to go for anyone using the Pellergy system for their primary heating source, is to come up with a way to handle bulk pellets.  The traditional way of handling wood pellets, 40-50 lb bags, is just not convenient for someone going through 1-2 tons of pellets a month.  Bulk pellet delivery and handling is a must have.

The company I work for has transferred me to Virginia and we now have our house on the market.  To my pleasant surprise, we have found that the Pellergy system to be a positive selling point for most of the people looking at our home. It has not been any issue for the home inspections and in fact, has been an interesting talking point for most of the inspectors.
I am looking to buy a new Pellergy system for our new home. It has proven to me that it is a reliable, cost effective heating source that is green and uses a local renewable fuel source.  I don’t ever want to go back to oil!

Michael D.